coffee park 6 Memorial Day has become the de facto start of summer. Pools are open, people are taking off to the beach or mountains to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. I hope your summer is off to a great start. For some of us, warmer weather means building and creating outdoor projects. I have a few interesting projects in the works to restore and repurpose some barns to transform them into a comfortable relaxation spaces out in the country, and to build a Little Free Library for the Salem Academy neighborhood. What coffee park 5kind of interesting projects are you working on these days? I would love to hear about it, and other makers in our community do as well. Come hang out with interesting people in our community at the MIXXER Meet-up this Thursday June 2 from 6 to 8pm at the Coffee Park Airstream – 1208 Reynolda Road, where you can share your great ideas and learn about cool things our friends are into these days. Come show and tell us about the things you love to create, and learn about the latest developments for park 2

The Coffee Park Airstream has  great parity with the spirit of MIXXER. Tommy Priest and his crew have transformed a tired and abandoned Airstream camper and retired service station into an iconic Winston-Salem landmark. The architecture and polished aluminum of Coffee Park make it visually interesting, but the charm of Coffee Park is the way the community transforms it into a vibrant gathering spot for people of all ages and interests. Coffee Park is the kind of place where people meet to add value to our community. Like the time a group of concerned citizens gathered there to develop the plans to save the farm at the Children’s Home across the street. An iconic landmark where people meet and add value to our community is what we want MIXXER to become. We salute Tommy and the folks that have made Coffee Park a great success, and are thankful to Coffee Park for hosting our next MIXXER Meet-up. By the way – Coffee Park Arts is now open in the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts, and is adding a great boost of energy there every day. Check out some of the great events there, or just stop in for coffee and chill.

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