Because it’s FUN!

Unleash the kid in you, shake off the stress of the day, and have fun making paper airplanes with your friends, the DWSP, and the MIXXER crew.

Screen Printing Demo at LoLo

We’ll have a rudimentary screen printing demonstration for you to get your hands on. This demo will introduce you to the basics of do it yourself screen printing. It’s a fun and affordable way for you to create your own graphic tee’s, personalized clothing, art posters, and so much more.

What are you doing for Cinco de Mayo?

This month we are meeting at Simon G. Atkins Academic & Technology High School. Imagine if you, as an adult, had access to all of those great facilities that were a part of your educational experience. What would you make? What skills would you take the time to learn? How could that change your life? How would you influence and mentor others?

The MIXXER Rebellion

Come be a part of the maker revolution and see what people in your community are doing, this Thursday, April 7 @ The Hut. This meeting is an open forum for everyone to bring their ideas.

Building Community with Habitat Forsyth, CDS, and MIXXER

Come out to MIX and mingle with your local maker community, and learn about the exciting new things going on at Habitat these days.