Meet a Maker: Steve Harberger

“I go where my curiosity takes me.” When Steve Harberger talks about being a maker, curiosity is a recurring theme. It’s the first thing he mentions when asked what traits...

Meet a Maker: David E. Smith

“You could describe me as an inventor, but really I am a designer at heart,” he says. "I use the design process of ideation, prototype, and iteration to solve all kinds of problems.”

Meet a Maker: Sarah Band

Exploring the art/science connection is where Sarah thinks she’ll benefit most from MIXXER. “I’m excited about having a community of artists who work together and also the access to tools it would give me,” she says, “particularly 3-D printers and scanners—and others’ expertise with those tools.”

What are you doing for Cinco de Mayo?

This month we are meeting at Simon G. Atkins Academic & Technology High School. Imagine if you, as an adult, had access to all of those great facilities that were a part of your educational experience. What would you make? What skills would you take the time to learn? How could that change your life? How would you influence and mentor others?

Meet a Maker: Ron Moats

Eclectic, Customizing Educator Customization and Education are two key pieces of Ron Moats’ maker story. Customization, because he’s always felt compelled to modify everything he’s owned. “There have been very...