Make Something at Summer Camp

Summertime is a great time to learn new skills and make something amazing.

Nation of Makers launch is today.

Nation of Makers launch is today.

New non-profit organization will ensure that more Americans have access to the spaces, communities, and tools that enable them to make things, not just consume things.

RC Flying Things

Maker Extraordinaire – Bob Gusek wants you to know about the Riverside Aero Modelers Society’s Electric Flyers Extravaganza. Event is happening from Thursday August 25 through Sunday August 28. Spectators...

Screen Printing Demo at LoLo

We’ll have a rudimentary screen printing demonstration for you to get your hands on. This demo will introduce you to the basics of do it yourself screen printing. It’s a fun and affordable way for you to create your own graphic tee’s, personalized clothing, art posters, and so much more.

Meet us at Coffee Park!

Come hang out with interesting people in our community this Thursday June 2 from 6 to 8pm at the Coffee Park Airstream - 1208 Reynolda Road, where you can share your great ideas and learn about cool things our friends are into these days.