What is Kleur, you ask?

Kleur is many things: a shop for makers of handcrafted clothing and home items, a creative hub to learn handcrafts, and a makerspace. Above all, Kleur aspires to build community through art and craftsmanship, and to empower us through practical, creative skill development.

Sort of like Mixxer!

We’re thrilled Kleur has opened in Winston-Salem. We view their mission as complement to our own, and we are excited about the possibility of collaboration once Mixxer opens its doors. To get things started, Kleur will host our First Thursday Meet-Up on Nov. 5. Here’s the deets:

We’ll arrive¬†at Kleur at 6pm to meet the founders, tour the store and maybe even get our hands dirty!¬†Kleur’s street address is 545 N. Trade Street. The main entrance is around on the corner on 6th Street, between Liberty and Trade.

Afterwards (around 7:30), we’ll head over to Finnegan’s Wake to continue to conversations over snacks, beer, or what have you.

We hope you’ll join us for creative community fun! See you next week.