As per our announcements at our recent rooftop cookout at STITCH Design Shop, we would like to introduce one of our newest Board members.

Benton 2 - EditedAn allied sales contractor for Warehouse Design, Inc., Benton Williams has a talent for business and entrepreneurship that we believe will take MIXXER a long way. Benton, who played lacrosse at R.J. Reynolds High School, has a lot of enthusiasm for improving the city where he grew up.

Tell us more about your job.

I’m an allied contractor for material handling and storage equipment. Our team works to provide industrial manufacturers, distribution centers, and storage facilities a wide range of services, from complex material handling systems to simple storage equipment. We work with our customers to combine ergonomics and efficiency in the manufacturing, storing, handling, and distributing of their products.

Benton_power clean

Doing a power clean at Crossfit

What do you do in your free time?

Crossfit and fishing are my current two loves. I also like to run, take my dog for walks, write, binge watch Netflix, and golf.

What are your maker goals?

I’d love to learn woodworking. I want to make some awesome wooden furniture, like from reclaimed wood from an old barn or something.

Why do you want to be part of MIXXER?

My travels to other cities like Greenville, SC, and Los Angeles ignited my passion for improving my hometown. Winston-Salem has a rich tradition, culture, and community of arts, entrepreneurs, and innovation, and I think MIXXER will play an important role in that tradition and in keeping it a positive, friendly, open-minded, loving community.

Name one thing you want to see in MIXXER.

A tight-knit community with an entrepreneurial nature.

Benton_fishy kiss

Fishing — another of Benton’s hobbies

How do you think MIXXER can help people?

I have a particular interest in the maker movement because I envision a continuing shift to higher-quality, locally-created, unique goods, made to last by people, for people, from the many low-quality, mass-produced items that currently flood our marketplace.

What’s your favorite place to eat in town?

Milner’s American Southern. It’s delicious, and it has soul.

* * * * *

Save the Date!

Our next community meetup, which will be an open working session, is on July 2nd from 6-8 p.m., but we’re still nailing down a location. Please visit our blog, Facebook page, or Twitter page for updates. Thanks!