If you live in or around Winston-Salem, you might’ve been to the new ARTivity on the Green off North Liberty, or the new Bailey Park at Innovation Quarter. Turns out, these fun and fine locations were designed by the good people at STITCH Design Shop.

MIXXER team builders and supporters got an exclusive “in” to STITCH Design Shop’s headquarters during our rooftop cookout/announcement party in June. Remember we said we added three new board members? Guess what? One of them is an architect at STITCH!

Pete Fala is enthusiastic about MIXXER’s vision to bring making to the common people. (As are our other two new board members: Benton Williams and Laura Philpot. We see a trend!) A West Virginia native who’s lived in Winston-Salem for 10 years, Pete’s got a hankering for fishing like Benton and board member Wes Salisbury, and his connections will be a huge help in getting MIXXER into a building by the end of the year.

Here’s a little more about Pete:

Pete Fly FishingWhat do you do besides designing super cool spaces and buildings?

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and most anything outdoors. I occasionally golf and ski and play recreational basketball and softball. And of course, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Traci, and daughter, Ollie.

Why do you like Winston-Salem?

It has an urban feel with small-town qualities. The city is very accessible for small business owners like myself.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve made?

The amenities building and stage at Bailey Park in downtown Winston-Salem. I didn’t physically make them, but I designed them with my business partner, Ben Schwab. It’s great to see an idea go from sketches and drawings to physical form. And I’m about to build a new house which I’ll both design and build.

What’s something you want to make in the future?

Pete and Traci

Pete and wife, Traci

Custom installations for our residential construction projects (display walls, custom railings, built-ins, furniture, etc.).

Why did you want to be a part of MIXXER?

I think MIXXER can provide a great resource for the doers of Winston-Salem.  These creatives and entrepreneurs are the people who will continue to make our city a progressive place to live and ultimately take it to the next level nationally.

I also plan to be a conduit between MIXXER and many of the connectors I met while starting STITCH Design Shop.  There are many people in this town who are willing and able to provide excellent advice and share resources.

What are your hopes for MIXXER?

I want to see collaboration and incubation. I want MIXXER to be a place where ideas are born, maybe not the ideas one came there with, but something that spawned out of sharing a space with like-minded people.  From a physical tool perspective, I’d like to see quality woodworking and metalworking equipment.

Wyoming Float Trip

Wyoming fishing trip with Ben Schwab (pictured)

How do you think MIXXER can help people?

By giving them access to tools that would be a financial hardship to purchase on their own, and by providing classes.

What’s your favorite place to eat in town, and why?

The Porch, because of its grassroots nature, and the food is so damned good.  Half and half fajitas – can’t ever seem to order anything else although I’m sure it’s all good.

Don your rattiest work clothes and pull those old sneakers out of the closet. We’re gonna need a hand in building the 2015 Unruly Architectonic Installation!

Designed by Community Design Studio, the installation comprises a series of interactive playspaces and eclectic, inviting benches extending down Marshall Street, past Winston Square Park and the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts.

The Community Art Build will take place at Habitat Forsyth’s Shop at 1023 W. 14th St. in Winston-Salem on August 1st and 8th. (On August 15th, volunteers will move the piece to its final location.) Sign up for shifts at http://goo.gl/forms/NpwuyqYW3k. Only ages 16+ can participate in construction on August 1st, 14+ can help with painting on August 8th, and 18+ can use power tools.

We look forward to building art and building community with you!