Oops! I made a mistake. I sent you a worthless email asking you to take a survey that will help MIXXER with planning and moving forward, then you were directed to a page that does not exist. Please accept my apologies. I am not always the most qualified person for the job that I am doing at MIXXER, but I am the person that shows up. Sometimes that means that I make mistakes, and sometimes that means that things don’t get done the way they should. I hope you will accept my sincere apology for sending you worthless emails earlier today.

I also hope that you will take a moment to participate in our survey, and the #IneedMIXXER campaign. By taking the survey you will help us make the case for opening MIXXER, a community studio/workshop AKA – makerspace, in Winston-Salem. A lot of people have been showing up at meet up events and helping get our board of directors connected with people that want to see MIXXER become successful. One thing we have discovered is that we will need to show evidence to support our claims that the community will support MIXXER. Also use the hashtag #ineedmixxer on social media to tell the world what you will make at MIXXER, or how it will benefit you to have access to an open workshop with great tools and supportive people. Your participation in this survey can also help us find the talented people to help us make forward progress (and avoid mistakes like the one I made with the email survey).

[Click here to take the survey]

This morning when I woke up and realized that I had just essentially spammed all of the folks on our email list, I was really upset. I’m still frustrated with myself and wondering how I can make it up to you. All I know to do is tell myself that it will be ok; that you will eventually forgive me, and that we will continue to move closer to opening MIXXER – Your Place to Create Art and Innovation.  

Alan Shelton