1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Fridays at MIXXER


It takes a community to build MIXXER. Join today, or volunteer your time to build something Awesome!


There are great things happening at MIXXER. Read the latest here.

Wood Studio

Professional quality tools
Heavy duty workbenches
Dust collectors
Secure space to store your project
+ More

Metal Studio

Welding and cutting equipment
Sheetmetal forming equipment
Heavy metal workbenches
Ventilation systems
+ More

Digital Studio

3D Printers
Laser Cutter
Computers with professional design software
Electronics Lab
+ More

What is a Makerspace?

MIXXER is a community space for technology & fabrication enthusiasts. A place where electronics meets welding, meets lasers, meets software, meets artist. An exploratory where geeks and crafters collaborate to make cool stuff.

What Can I Make?

You will be able to cut, weld, print, carve, design, shape, all sorts of things, and more. In addition to flexible work space and community space you will find specialty tools for a wide variety of projects. When you join MIXXER, you may even make some new friends.

Thank You to our founding partners:


Mark and Janet Shill


Mixxer Blog

Momentum Building 

Together, we’ve learned a lot in 2018. If being a part of an innovative community that is growing and doing awesome things is interesting to you, come join us at MIXXER. We’d love for you to get in here and Make Stuff and Learn Stuff.


We are living in a time of prosperity in our city, and the generosity of those that have already experienced much success are paying it forward through MIXXER to make it possible for more people like you and me to also take part in that prosperity. Come on over to MIXXER and see for yourself. You can make your own prosperity here.

The Last Quarter

We hope we’ll see you at MIXXER making something or enjoying making new friends at CONNEXXPO in the coming weeks.