This week I noticed the signs that summer is right around the corner. Sunshine, and light green buds popping out on trees, brightly colored store displays with beach wear and sunscreen,  and flip-flops. That reminds me to check in with some folks in the community that operate summer camps to see what they have in store for this summer. As it turns out, there are a lot in the City of Arts and Innovation, with a wide variety of focus areas. There are camps for young children and young (nearly) adults and with a focus on arts, technology, music, and more. Here are a few that I discovered this week:


Summit School has a wide range of summer programs for students ages 3 years to rising ninth graders. They offer a very wide range of activities and before and after programs to meet the needs of working parents. One of their programs, my friend Steve Harberger will be teaching, a makershop for rising 3rd – 7th-grade students. Steve will guide students to enter the Maker World of engineering, electronics, 3D printing and CNC tools while using the latest technology to Make, Design, Invent, Print, Prototype & Play. I’m so jealous of the Upper School Design Studio- A 1000-square-foot maker space with computers, seven 3D printers, and a laser cutter. I could really make some awesome things with all of those tools, but I’ll leave it to the up and coming makers for now. If you have questions about this camp, contact And to learn more about this and other exciting and engaging summer programs at Summit School visit their website.


Kaleideum – What you get when The Children’s Museum and SciWorks combine, also has a lot of summer programs. The list is quite extensive, with programming based in science and discovery that covers topics from monsters to music, physics to puppets, animals, and things that glow in the dark (and animals that glow in the dark!).  Check out Keleideum’s summer programs here

Sawtooth School for Visual Art

Sawtooth School for Visual Art also has many offerings for summer programming for Pre-K through 12th grade, and adults as well. Just a few that I find interesting: Photography, Enameling on Metal, Duct Tape Portraits, Printmaking, Sculpture, Wood Working; and for younger makers they offer some of the same but geared toward a younger audience. Some other programs offered include puppet making, manga, comics, stop motion animation, kinetic painting, pottery, jewelry, and metalsmithing, and much more. Learn more about summer programs at Sawtooth here

These are just a few of many opportunities to learn some new skills this summer. Please let me know if you have a summer program that we can tell folks in the maker community about, and we’ll make a shout out through the MIXXER network. As of today MIXXER is a splintered group of makers scattered throughout the community, but we have some talented individuals working behind the scenes to secure an awesome location and get this community the makerspace we need. Thank you for your patience and be on the lookout for good news about MIXXER soon. Until then – we want to keep up with maker activities in the community. If you have read this far, how about taking another minute to tell us about some of the things you have been building, or maker projects you would like others to know about. Comment below or look us up on facebook or twitter.