Please join MIXXER and CDI for bikeNIGHT.   First of the monthly makerNIGHTS at the Center for Design Innovation

September 6th, 5:00-8:00 pm (Click here to register)

Starting with this event September 6th, we’ll offer varied, immersive, hands-on learning engagements around a particular theme. Each evening will offer different opportunities to participate, clean (tech) and dirty (tools), easy and difficult, rapid and immersive.

The first night puts attention on a long-time research area for CDI, bicycles. We’ll start off with a community ride at 5:00, and, starting at 6:00:

  • repair clinic with Beers & Gears
  • cooking & nutrition for exercise & adventure with local chef/cyclist and city nutritionist
  • solar bike demo with Organic Transit engineer and designer
  • Designing a bike friendly workplace with CDI Design Researcher
  • bike fit for optimum performance clinic with Mock Orange & WSSU physiologist
  • Winston-Salem bike master plan with the city Bike Coordinator
  • Design session for sculptural bike rack with UNCSA faculty 
  • Tools to map your route with GIS specialist from the city

Sessions scheduled for 25 minutes meaning you can come for just one or engage in up to four plus the ride.

Why? The Maker approach develops experimentation, engagement and agency over learning, teaches the process of design through play and exploration, and creates a climate of invention and iteration. Excited to offer members of the community the opportunity to explore our new labs, growing in capacities, CDI has opened them all to offer experiences in active learning to cultivate creative, flexible habits of mind in learners of all ages.

Why Bikes? Bikes introduce immersive and valuable research (physics, mechanics, alternative energy, navigation, sustainability, physiology, & more) through recreation and play, giving kids of all ages access to invention, innovation and independence.

Why CDI?  Bikes offer myriad channels for improving individual, community, and economic health and wellbeing. As we grow our research programs in Sustainable Design, Education Innovation, and Art & Science, we see opportunities for all three represented by the experiences offered by working and playing with bikes.