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We are making progress toward completing the construction required to open MIXXER in January 2018. LMI Builders is handling all of the building systems, like HVAC, restrooms, and upgraded electrical systems, but there is still plenty of other things to do. Much of the work going into preparing to open MIXXER is not visible; planning meetings, testing software systems, selecting tools and equipment, writing grants, working with donors to match their wishes with the needs of the community, and much more are being handled by board members and other teams of volunteer committees. But occasionally we have an opportunity to complete a project that moves us forward with great visual impact. Saturday, November 18 was one of those days when we gathered a handful of volunteers together to invest some sweat equity into MIXXER. We were able to paint the metal shop a bright white color, which makes the place look much cleaner and brighter. The best part is that we had a great time doing it.

Many years ago I discovered a way to connect with people at a very deep level. I believe people can connect through working together in ways that are not always possible by simply talking or networking. Every time I have the opportunity to work on projects with our volunteers I get to know who they really are. I also discover how generous people can be. I have discovered the best in many people over the years by working together. This social connection is the “secret sauce” that will make MIXXER successful in creating equitable opportunities in our community.

We will have many more opportunities for folks to get engaged with MIXXER as we all work together to build our makerspace in Winston-Salem. We will open in January, but the building won’t be completely finished. We’ll have lots of tools and space to use them, but there will also be plenty of opportunities for you to weigh in on how MIXXER is finished out. If that interests you then shoot us an email at We’ll be having more painting parties, workbench building parties, and even some furniture building events. We understand that you may not know exactly how to build workbenches or furniture, but never fear; we have plenty of time to help you learn and provide opportunities for you to weigh in on how these things come together. So, don’t be shy. Drop us a line and be a part of building YOUR makerspace. MIXXER, built for the community, by the community.

Check out the Renovation Gallery to keep up with how the building is progressing.