A new workshop at UNCSA School of Filmmaking

The subject of the photo above this article is a building being renovated for UNCSA a long time ago. The smaller photo to the right is a new workshop at UNCSA. They have come a long way.

It has been another exciting week at MIXXER. Over the last week, we have hauled in numerous pick-up truckloads of woodworking equipment and primo lumber. The woodworking studio has transformed from a catch-all room for leftover construction supplies to something that looks a lot like a woodworking studio. There are giant racks full of beautiful cherry and walnut lumber out back, and we even had time to build a couple of tables to donate to Habitat Restore, to repay them for their help in bringing in furniture pieces.

I’m writing this from the computer lab at MIXXER. As I sit here at a beautiful desk (Thanks to Darran Furniture) I see a stack of donated computers, donated security cameras, donated 3D printers (Thanks to Summit School and Bob Gusek), and workbenches built by volunteers from donated materials (Thanks to Dillon Supply). It’s nothing fancy, but our members and volunteers are working daily to make this place a little better every day. It is truly a humble beginning for MIXXER.

Some of you may have heard about how some other Winston-Salem institutions started as a small group of passionate people working together to build something dear to them. Maybe you heard of this one about the UNC School of the Arts: “The citizens of Winston-Salem, home of the country’s first municipal Arts Council, vied for the school with particular zeal. In a two-day telephone campaign they raised nearly a million dollars in private funds to renovate the old Gray High School building.”  Or maybe you remember when Krankies Coffee was a place called P.S. 211 or The Wherehouse. If so, google Wherehouse Winston-Salem or Krankies Coffee and see what is there today.

Just like MIXXER, these places were started by passionate people working together to build a better future for themselves and their community. Soon the clutter associated with starting this new bootstrapped venture will soon give way to more new high-tech equipment that will arrive in the near future (Thanks to DataMax Foundation). The studios will be outfitted, and we may even have some fancy new flooring and furniture in the entrance lobby. We’re making history here at MIXXER. If you want to be a part of that, join today and come be a part of building MIXXER. Let’s Make Something – Together.

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Old UNCSA workshop: http://www.uncsa.edu/.ldp-images/.private_ldp/a91972/production/master/cb557f9d-afb5-4c56-a34c-6c96df2fdd67.jpg

New UNCSA School of Filmmaking workshop: http://www.ewingcole.com/portfolio-items/university-of-north-carolina-school-of-the-arts/