Two weeks into 2018 and MIXXER has moved from an empty shell of a building, with no heat by the way, to a functional makerspace. Once the heat was turned on and the city released the building to us, the MIXXER community swarmed the building and we have a lot to show for the work of these amazing members and volunteers. I have to keep this week’s update short as a team of members and volunteers and I are packing up a fantastic woodworking shop to bring to MIXXER today.

Last week’s activities included the installation of our new laser cutter and a donation of workbenches from Cook Medical. Members and volunteers have built all of the workspace in the Digital Studio and it looks fantastic. Minutes after the last screw was driven into the new countertops there were three 3D printers being put through their paces, and repairs being made with the electronics tools. And we can’t wait to show all of you the amazing things that can be made with the laser cutter.

Another very important accomplishment last week – The construction of storage racks. This was a labor-intensive project, and not the most exciting development. Until you consider that these racks allow us to get organized and have a place to store all of the woodworking tools between the time we bring them into the building and when we get them set up in the Wood Studio.

Speaking of which – I will be rushing out the door in a moment to meet with a team of members and volunteers to start moving the woodworking tools to MIXXER. We’ll be posting updates on periodically, and check us out on Facebook to see photos of what’s happening at MIXXER. Better yet, join in on the fun.