The third weekend since our opening day has just passed and we are steadily making progress toward filling out the MIXXER studios. This past weekend another team of members and volunteers picked up another load of impressive woodworking tools for the wood shop. This coming week we will be clearing the remnants of the renovation project from the wood studio and begin meticulously moving tools into place. It will take a few weeks to complete, but we will have a lot of fun doing it. (You can be a part of that if you want)

Since we are open to members, and for visitors to stop in and learn more about MIXXER, we are hearing from people about training they are seeking and classes that people want to teach. We will be making these things possible, and we expect to announce some classes soon. While explaining how we expect to implement classes taught by members to a future MIXXER instructor, I used a phrase that seemed to strike a chord with the people in the room. “We’ll do it wrong until we get it right.” I’ve thought about that over the weekend and I think that will be a good short-term mantra for the phase that MIXXER is in. Edison didn’t invent a successful light bulb on his first attempt, and I’m sure many of you can think back to earlier days of your career or hobby and recall stories of mistakes that taught you valuable lessons that made you much better at what you do. MIXXER will experience some of that too as we work with our members and volunteers to implement the plans that have been made. Please bear with us as we work to create a community makerspace that makes it possible for more people to do it wrong until they get it right.

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