Patience is something that I believe we have to practice. We live in a world where we can buy almost any household item by speaking to a little black cylinder or have our opinions validated and questions answered in seconds with a computer we carry in our pocket. We are patiently waiting for one piece of equipment, a welding air filtration system. Once that gets here we will ask city inspectors to give us the approval to fully open up the wood and metal shops. It seems like it’s taking so long to get fully operational, but it will be worth the wait, and it won’t seem so long in a few weeks when members are in there building so many cool things.

Look at the size of that laser cutter!

Last week we had a 3D printing roundtable in which we identified experts and newbies, and found out what folks need to know to get started 3D printing at MIXXER. We are now planning classes and we’ll be posting information soon. The laser cutter has quickly become the most popular machine at MIXXER. We will start scheduling time slots for it soon.  We will also be reaching out to our members to identify folks that need training on the laser, and folks that can be available to help with training. Expect to start receiving alerts about planned training sessions soon for all our studios.

Ways you can help: If you are a member that is proficient with a particular tool and are willing to train others, please let us know. We will be holding regularly scheduled training events in all the shops soon. If you are willing to get your hands dirty – we have building projects that will make MIXXER a better makerspace for all of our members. And the best way you can help – Show up, Join in, and bear with us as we build MIXXER together. Patience is the name of the game during this start-up phase. I think you will find it worth the wait.