Alfee and Andy checking out the tool shipment.

Love is in the air at MIXXER, and it smells like WD-40. We received a tractor-trailer load of machine shop equipment last Tuesday that has kept us busy ever since. If you ever wondered what true love looks like, you should have been here to see Andy’s eyes light up as he and Alfee lovingly examined, cleaned, and caressed these machines, hence the smell of WD-40 permeating the shop. Thanks to Bruce Maxwell, a member of the local venture capital community, and Greg Hannah, a fellow who can engineer and build almost anything, for the generous donation.


Our Digital Studio has been operational for a few weeks now, and we are ready to grow the 3D printing segment of our community. We have four 3D printers and want to get people using them. On Monday, February 19, starting at 5 pm, we will have a meeting to examine how members are interacting with our 3D printers and learn about how we can make them more accessible. If you are interested in 3D printing, please stop in so we can learn about your needs and experience level.

In other news:

It appears that each time we clean up a studio, within a day we have made a mess of it again. Receiving all the tools for MIXXER requires that we get them in the building, then make a place for them to live. By the time you read this the Metal Studio will be mostly organized, and as soon as we get the electricians to wire up the new machines we will be ready to open the metal shop.

We are still working on the Wood Studio. We are awaiting another dust collector and hope to have all the new ductwork installed by the end of this week. If you are into splicing wires and sealing ductwork, or if you just want to be a part of building MIXXER then we have a great opportunity for you this week.

As always, there are plenty of things for you to do if you want to volunteer, and if all you want to do is work on your projects, then that’s fine too. Just remember that the Digital Studio and Flexible workspace are all that are fully functional now. We will work with members to accommodate their woodworking or metal projects as best we can.

MIXXER will be open on Valentines Day. If you want to feel the love, or know what WD-40 smells like, come on over. As always, the most up to date information about MIXXER can be found here.

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