Carver YellowJackets FIRST Robotics Team

Another week of volunteers and members coming together to build MIXXER has passed. The wood shop and metal shop systems are nearly complete, the digital studio is being used for some really cool projects, and local robotics teams are wrapping things up as they build their entries for this year’s FIRST Robotics competition. I’ve enjoyed spending quality time with our members and volunteers. For me, working together with other people is how I connect with, fellowship with, and really get to know other people. I sense a certain release of tension in people as we get accustomed to working together. I find that working with one’s hands is restorative, and even therapeutic. Multiple members and volunteers have told me that coming to MIXXER to help put things in order and cleaning give them a break from the daily grind and a sense of connecting with a part of themselves that may seem adrift. The immediate result of their efforts fills a need that is often elusive in our modern life with emails, spreadsheets, and meetings.

Activities this coming week include a 3D Printing Roundtable discussion on Monday evening, and setting up the new metalworking tools that have just come in. Next Sunday Bob Gusek will be transmitting and receiving HAM radio signals to and from all over the earth for the NC QSO Party.

We are starting to plan classes in 3D printing, electronics, and guitar building. Tell us what you are interested in so we can start planning now, and if you are willing to help plan activities, please let us know. We want to start having regularly scheduled events to engage with our community. There are still plenty of ways for you to volunteer your time to help build MIXXER. We have tools stacked up waiting for a permanent place, donations of tools coming in that need to be sorted and cleaned, and plenty of opportunities for you to work with your hands. Come spend some time with us and make something. Think of it as therapeutic and a way to get back in touch with yourself and make some new friends too.