Christine leans to use an Oxy-Acetylene cutting torch.

Almost every day since opening, someone has attempted something for their first time at MIXXER. People using power tools for the first time. Their first time using a laser cutter to make precision parts to build capacity for their small business. Their first weld. Their first time teaching people how to operate a 3D Printer. Without fail, something does not go as expected and adjustments need to be made. So far there have been no major catastrophes, just little setbacks to overcome. If anything, we’ve improved our skills and understanding through working through these issues. We’ve witnessed so many occasions of people gaining confidence in their abilities, learning patience and skill, and individuals taking time out to help others move from frustration to success. These little setbacks and unexpected twists bring so much opportunity for us to demonstrate the power of MIXXER.

Last week we celebrated Pi Day with IEEE, which was a great way for people to get to learn about both IEEE and MIXXER while making new friends. City electrical inspectors certified the last of the necessary electrical work to get all of the equipment in the wood and metal studios operational. We managed to set the two-thousand-pound Bridgeport Mill and a seriously oversized drill press into place in the metal shop without injury to movers or machines. We exceeded 50 members, and many of them worked on some very interesting personal projects.

This week at MIXXER we will have our first class offering, Introduction to 3D Printing, taught by Hannah Ainsworth. Members and volunteers will continue to build those fixtures and furniture that make MIXXER look and work better. The wood and metal shops will continue to get more organized, and we’ll continue to develop more classes, and work one-on-one to help members through those first-time jitters.

Please keep in mind that MIXXER is a work in progress. Our young organization is experiencing many firsts and managing little unexpected twists, just like many of our members. The fact that we have a culture of generosity at MIXXER reassures me that we’ll get through those unexpected twists and become skilled at meeting the needs of our community, together.