Dakota is building another CNC machine.

Measure twice, cut once. It’s something we say to remind ourselves to be sure about what we are doing. But what if what you are trying to accomplish is impossible to measure? Or, what if by placing an absolute value on it you immediately limit the possibilities?

I have a small project that I am working on to make polished wooden objects of random shapes. In asking some other folks to help with the project, I was being asked for specific dimensions, and “what shape should they be?” The shape is random. The size is about yay big. As I make these objects, I must be careful about how I reveal them to other folks working on the project or I could limit the possibility of them making something much better than what I can imagine. The artistic element of this project is to look for the beauty in each piece and try to make that visible in the final piece.

This is much like something we have been doing all along at MIXXER. We have this awesome space and a collection of tools, and we open it up for people to make it into something useful and beautiful. The building has a long way to go to be beautiful, but people can now begin to see the possibilities. The beauty in the relationships being built is already exceeding our expectations. It is something you will just have to experience to know what I mean. It’s something that is impossible to measure, and because we have never placed an absolute value on what success means for MIXXER, our community is determining what that means.

I invite you to come on over to MIXXER and experience the art of building a community makerspace. It is much more than a collection of tools and workspaces. It’s a work of art in the making.

Last week at MIXXER: We had our first class, Introduction to 3D Printing, and it was a great experience for attendees as well as our staff. We arranged the welding area and the machining area in the metal studio. We’ll add more equipment soon, but you can now safely weld something at MIXXER. We continued to move all of the accessories into the woodshop and it is starting to look and function much better.  Volunteers continued to make improvements to the MIXXER Studios.

Next week at MIXXER: We will be closed for Easter Sunday. Continued building storage cabinets. Continued trimming out the wood and metal studios. Continued development of classes; we have an archery bow making class, multiple 3D printing classes, welding classes, and introduction to woodworking classes in the works. You can always find out about upcoming events and classes on our website. Check in here for the latest developments about improvements and volunteer opportunities.

Join or volunteer today.