High school science projects can require power tools and advice from someone with more experience.

Growing up I looked up to the carpenters, mechanics, teachers, and the craftspeople that I watched intently, and eagerly helped as best I could when allowed to get in on the action. These people set my standards for who I want to be when I grow up. Recently I have realized that it’s my turn to be a role model. Every day at MIXXER I have the wonderful opportunity to share knowledge, help members learn new skills, and try to be a role model for others. Fortunately, I am constantly surrounded by other role models. On any given day we have lots of people learning new skills, building things they are still not sure they can build, making mistakes, fixing them, and looking for guidance from other more experienced members. I look to some of these folks for guidance in some subjects and they look to me for guidance in others. We’re building a community of role models and mentors at MIXXER, and I think you might be surprised to at how easy it is for you to fit in when you simply show up and join in.

Hannah has developed an introduction to 3D printing class. This is a photo of a trial run for the first class offering at MIXXER.

Last week: our electricians installed the circuits needed to power the heavy-duty tools in the wood and metal studios. Volunteers worked together in building the framework for storage lockers that will allow members to leave personal items securely at MIXXER between visits. We also worked to develop an introduction to 3D printing class, and we’re planning for classes in 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving, welding, metal casting, and more.

Coming up this week: IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is hosting a Pi Day event on March 14 (3.14, get it?). We’ll continue building storage cabinets, setting up the wood and metal shops, and building furnishings for the building. Students will be here building science projects, entrepreneurs will continue developing prototypes and manufacturing small batches of items for their businesses, and the laser cutter has several bookings already. We’ll keep working to get classes started and meet the needs of our members. Keep up with the latest developments here.

MIXXER is continuing to develop and grow thanks to the dedication of our wonderful members and volunteers. If spending time with role models or a chance to be a role model appeals to you, come on over to MIXXER. I think you’ll find it refreshing.