The Mobiflex 200 by Lincoln Electric will allow you to weld and still keep the air clean at MIXXER.

Really? Spring Break. Already?

It’s only been 8 weeks since we opened MIXXER to members, with the understanding that they need to help us build our makerspace. In that time members and volunteers have built furniture for the studios, a computer lab, a digital lab complete with a laser cutter 3D printers and electronics workstation, a metal shop, and much more. We have a great start on the wood studio, which is getting some electrical work this week to get it closer to 100% functional. We’ve had high school robotics teams building competition robots, high school students building science projects, and faculty and staff from local universities, colleges, public and private schools, stopping by to work on ways to get students engaged with the MIXXER community. While those staff and students are getting a well-deserved spring break, some of them will be using their extra free time to help out at MIXXER. It seems that we’ve created an environment that keeps students interested enough to come back even when they could be elsewhere.

Last week the city building inspections department gave us the final Certificate of Occupancy after the dust collection system passed inspection and the addition of a fancy new welding air filtration unit from ARC3 in the metal shop. Our awesome volunteers have started building storage cabinets that will allow you to securely leave your personal stuff at MIXXER between visits. Some entrepreneurs are starting or ramping up their business, leveraging MIXXER to up their capacity for production. We also had lots of local educators stopping by to look for ways to leverage MIXXER for their curriculum. Some already are. Things are getting better every day at MIXXER, you should stop by to take a look.

This week we will be continuing to organize the studios and build furnishings. We’ll be running trial runs of classes in 3D printing, and continuing to develop programs to make it easy for you to learn new skills and get involved. We’ve implemented a scheduling system for members to reserve time on the laser cutter to manage the high volume of traffic. That will extend to more equipment as the need arises. We’ll also be putting some of those aforementioned students to work as interns to give them real-world experience with operating a business and an opportunity to meet interesting makers in their natural habitat. Spring break at MIXXER is a great way for students to have fun while learning new skills and hanging out with talented and generous people.