Please excuse the mess. We're making something awesome here!

This sign will need to be updated soon. We’ll keep the AWESOME and have the mess cleaned up soon.

The Summer Solstice of 2018 will bring the official Grand Opening of MIXXER. You are invited to take part in the festivities on Saturday, June 23, from 11 am until 3 pm. Then stay after to explore your new-found interest in whatever it is that you discovered through the demonstrations that will be on display. Consider yourself invited, and feel free to invite your friends and family. The more the merrier!

Our grand opening comes six months after we opened the doors of MIXXER to the public; which may leave you wondering why we would wait six months to have a grand opening celebration. It’s because MIXXER is not only a place, or a collection of tools and workspaces. MIXXER is a community of people that work together to satisfy their needs as makers. People that feel empowered to solve problems and build things they need. To have a successful grand opening event that gives an accurate portrayal of MIXXER we had to grow our membership to have these members and their talent front and center, their stories are needed to help you understand how amazing MIXXER can be for you.

During the past six months members and volunteers have contributed thousands of hours and tremendous talent to build MIXXER. You can see this when you walk in and see the hand-built furniture and the beautiful entry foyer. But more importantly, you can feel it when you see the enthusiasm members have for helping other members and for developing their talents. We want everyone to feel empowered to explore their creativity and try new things. Our members create a safe place for you to do that and we’ll be here to help you when something doesn’t go quite right.

Those are the reasons we waited six months to celebrate the grand opening. The members that led the way and joined when MIXXER was an empty building, worked together to move equipment, build furniture, paint and clean; those people showed up to create a safe space for you to discover the maker inside of you. I hope we will see you at our Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, June 23 from 11 to 3, and I hope we will continue to see you for a long time as a member and a maker. Consider yourself invited to a part of something amazing at MIXXER.