It’s nearly every day at MIXXER that I have a conversation with someone in which we talk through an idea that could become “the next big thing” or make a radical change in the way people view some particular technology, or just make their life so much better or simpler. Moving these ideas from an idea to a concept, and on to reality can be a long arduous road. Many of these roads will be left untraveled. Life gets in the way, there’s not enough time or money, and maybe this idea requires skills that have yet to be learned. It will definitely take dedication and courage. I see it nearly every day at MIXXER. Oh, the things we could do if only we had that extra time or money or skill.

MIXXER is in an exciting place right now. Our Grand Opening Celebration is set for Saturday, June 23 from 11 to 3. Members and volunteers are working every day to have MIXXER looking great and to coordinate the food, music, demonstrations, the ribbon cutting, the t-shirts, and hundreds of other details so you’ll have a great time when you show up on that day. We have lots of events planned most Fridays in 2018 from 7 to 9 pm as part of our MIXXER CONNEXXPO Series where we delve deep into topics on technology, DIY ideas, Musical Instruments, Entrepreneurship, CosPlay, and much more. We are also developing a program for delivering classes to the community, so you can get hands-on experience and guidance from other members of the MIXXER community. Then there’s all the improvements to our building and adding more tools, led by members and volunteers. There is a lot of improvements happening right now at MIXXER. Oh, the things we have planned for you!

You know what it takes to make all of this happen? Time, money, skill, dedication, courage. The same things it takes for those genius ideas we talk about nearly every day at MIXXER to become reality. You can use the journey of MIXXER to get some idea of what it might take for you to do something with that genius idea you’ve been just daydreaming about, thinking – someday… What if you had friends to help? What if you could make a plan and raise funds to get started? What if you could learn the skills you need to move forward? Maybe if there were a place you could go to be surrounded by people that would be willing to help, to give words of encouragement, and be willing to help you learn those skills. MIXXER could be that place, that community, that could give you the courage to dedicate the time, money, and resources to do something special. Oh, the things we could do.

P.S. – Once you start, things will likely not always work like you expected. There could be delays, detours, unexpected consequences, moments of doubt, and you may need to do the best you can and continue to improve. It’s still going to be worth it. I know because our team of volunteers and I are living that daily. Our website updates don’t always happen as quickly as we would like, we don’t always get the word out about our events the way we prefer, and sometimes it takes longer than we prefer to accomplish some tasks. But, we’re doing it together. We’re improving our skills, making improvements, and checking off tasks on a long to-do list every day. I hope you can see this time in our development as an opportunity for you to be a part of something special. Join us! Oh, the things we could do.