Motorcycle under construction

There are moments in our lives when we are presented with an opportunity to make a change. Change can provoke uneasiness. I’ve been there, and I feel like I can recognize this condition in others. I felt it when I cut a perfectly fine motorcycle in half to make it my own creation. The relief I felt when the back half was retired to the scrap bin was only eclipsed by taking the first ride on my custom motorcycle. I had a lot to figure out between those two events, but by tackling each detail one at a time, patiently, led me to success. I found myself transformed along with that motorcycle.

I have conversations every week with people that are feeling this uneasiness. The young mom with a business degree that wants to design and build her own furniture, a science and technology educator trying to find his inner metal sculptor, a teenager holding a welding torch in hand suddenly realizing they can do something that requires more skill than anything they’ve attempted before. MIXXER is a safe space for people to lean into this uneasiness and develop their own success story.

I am often asked about the type of classes offered at MIXXER. We have big plans for lots of classes, and we have some talented folks developing a management application that will allow us to scale classes to introduce hundreds of new makers to the joys of working through the uneasiness of trying something new. As soon as that is working we’ll be posting more classes than you can shake a stick at. In the meantime, consider just coming in and giving it a try. We’ll be happy to get you started on learning some new skills by allowing you hands-on experience with enough instruction to keep you safe while you try your hand at welding, sewing, laser cutting, CNC machining, wood turning, furniture making, costume making, 3d printing, plasma cutting, wood carving, IoT coding, bike building, and so much more. Change can be a good thing. Find yourself transformed by trying something new at MIXXER.