Row of School Buses

Back to school time is a good time to fit MIXXER into your routine.

Some of my favorite memories in life happened on a warm day with a cool breeze, working with friends on a fun project. We had a little taste of that a couple of weeks ago and the workshop at MIXXER was buzzing with people taking advantage of the fantastic weather. In a few weeks, we will have a window of cooler temps and the aroma of pumpkin spice mixed with the sweet smell of cedar sawdust in the workshops at MIXXER. I hope you’ll be here to be a part of it. The kids will be settled in at school, and more importantly, their parents will feel a sense of normalcy return as they settle into the school year routine. That is a great time to incorporate making and creating into that routine.

Several people have asked me about when classes will start up again at MIXXER, and the answer is – as soon as we can effectively manage and scale classes to meet the demand. MIXXER is so lucky to have some wonderful interns, one of whom is developing an application that will make managing classes a snap. Classes will provide you with many opportunities for guidance on some specific projects, and I understand why they are important, but let me pose another option. Think of a project idea for something you want to make and come on over to MIXXER and get started. We will take the time to get you up to speed on how to safely use the tools you need for your project. You’ll make mistakes, but likely nothing that can’t be corrected, and you’ll learn much more and develop more skills than you can in one class. Classes are going to be a great way to delve into a specific project, but developing skills as a maker takes putting in the time and effort, and that can rarely be accomplished in one class.

There are lots of activities in the community that MIXXER will be participating in. Check out our events calendar for info, and sign up for our newsletter to keep up with MIXXER. It’s easy to join, and we’ll help you get started. I hope to see you here soon.

J. Alan Shelton