Downtown Winston-Salem is currently speckled with construction cranes, temporary fences, the sound of jackhammers, and exciting new opportunities. When the construction crews move on the next project they leave behind beautiful new restaurants, salons, apartments and office spaces with a view, and a new way of living in downtown. It’s truly a time of prosperity in our community. Along side of those obvious signs of prosperity are those that you have to look for to see. Like the many business creating much of the artistry, ambiance, and design style of this new downtown. Small boutique stores and great new eateries, skilled craftsman shops, interior designers, and other creative ventures that finally have enough customers in close proximity to get them over the hump once they start their new venture. And we have even more signs of prosperity at MIXXER.

MIXXER members making custom printed t-shirt designs with the Silhouette Cameo 3

We just received some new equipment that could jump start more creative ventures in the near future. Hanesbrands Inc. made a very generous donation of 11 commercial sewing machines and assorted goodies. These things are fantastic and can create professional looking results with complex fashion designs in no time flat. If access to some professional sewing equipment gets your creative mojo working, then come check us out and be a part of setting up the new sewing studio at MIXXER. We’ve also put in place a new Silhouette Cameo 3 personal material cutter that makes it possible for you to easily make designs you can apply to almost any surface. These new machines will create lots of opportunity for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interested in fashion, textiles, and graphic design.

We are working on delivering access to even more resources at MIXXER. Things like more welding equipment, more 3D printers, and more computers and design software. We are living in a time of prosperity in our city, and the generosity of those that have already experienced much success are paying it forward through MIXXER to make it possible for more people like you and me to also take part in that prosperity. Come on over to MIXXER and see for yourself. You can make your own prosperity here.