Patience, persistence, positivity, three things that makers understand. It’s what gets us through when a project gets tough. Members and volunteers at MIXXER have done much of the heavy lifting to get things going in the right direction, now we’re seeing momentum starting to build. A few of the things going on at MIXXER these days:

We’ve got the equipment. What’s it gonna take to get you started welding?

New screen printing equipment at MIXXER. Make your own fan wear.

We’re figuring these sewing machines out! Come learn with us, or teach us. Just get over here!

The last CONNEXXPO of 2018 is Friday, November 16. Bring your broken gadgets and gizmos and we’ll see if we can fix it.

We can tell the holidays are coming, Members are making Christmas gifts every day.

Members have built a blacksmithing shop at MIXXER. Come join us.

Many of our members are professional craftspeople. Link up with them to learn skills, or hire them for your creative project.

Innovator of the Year Award

Oh, yeah. This happened. So proud of the people that have shown up on this journey with me. Thank you!