Today, January 6, 2019, marks one year since we opened MIXXER to the public. We had an empty building in need of transformation into a makerspace on that day. People began joining immediately, even though their makerspace had no tools or equipment. I cannot express strongly enough here how wonderful it feels to be here at MIXXER reflecting on the wonderful friendships that have been made as we built workbenches, painted walls and signs, picked up and moved in equipment, and the thousands of other tasks that we did together. To the hundreds of people that volunteered thousands of hours to make MIXXER a wonderfully vibrant community epicenter of activity – THANK YOU!! I am even more excited for the opportunities that are before us now.

2019 brings new opportunities that I hope you will be a part of. Members are going to see new programs implemented that give them a chance to become leaders and connect with more enthusiastic makers. We’re going to have a blast! We’re making CONNEXXPO, our monthly event series designed to connect people to enthusiasts, experts, technology, and grand visions of the future, into a dynamic way to engage people and introduce MIXXER to more people. Our community of makers has proven that working together makes it possible to accomplish great things. Here are some of what’s in store for 2019 at MIXXER:

Stop by to meet Adrian and learn about some of the new things in store for 2019.


New Program Director. We are very excited to welcome Adrian Smith to the MIXXER staff. Adrian was raised in Winston-Salem, and its recent growth is a large part of why he moved back home after grad school. Adrian went to Warren Wilson College, focusing in sustainable agriculture but also researching renewable energy, then on to Colorado University – Boulder for an MBA with focuses in entrepreneurship, finance, and sustainability. Adrian is starting a small business called Preservation Dyehouse where they use the roots, stalks, and leaves of plants to dye textiles, focusing on small-scale, handcrafted garment makers. Adrian will be developing new programming to entise more makers from many interests to MIXXER.


Workshops in collaboration with Sawtooth School for Visual Art. We have two workshops in January and February – an Introduction to 3D Printing, and we’re working on workshops for making print blocks and paper making. Learn More  

Scholarship Programs to engage students from middle school to college level. We’ll be posting a scholarship page soon to tell the community about programs focused on STEAM programming and an introduction to Quality Programming that includes Six-Sigma and 5S practices.

Super-Member Program. Members will be able to volunteer time that counts toward incentives, like increased access and special events, as well as focused training on all of the tools and equipment at MIXXER.

The Garment District. Member-led workshops and opportunities for members to access industrial sewing equipment that can be used for costumes, fashion, and sewing all sorts of cool stuff.

Newly renovated Metal Studio. We’ll have space for groups and one-on-one training for welding and metalworking. You can be a part of making this happen.  Learn More  

Focus Groups that will meet weekly or monthly to give you an opportunity to get started learning about a new topic. Some of the member-led groups forming now: 3D Printing Enthusiasts, Sewing and Textiles, Screenprinting, Paper Making, Women’s Welding, Wood Turning, Wood Working, Coding and Electronics. Members and folks in the community are showing up every week with new ideas for working together to explore technology and crafting.

Summer Camp Programs. We’ll be working with some local schools to allow them to expand their opportunities by using MIXXER as a way for their students to access great technology.

That’s not all! We’ve got so many wonderful things in store for you in our second year of operation. I can’t wait to see you here at MIXXER. A fantastic place to Make Stuff and Learn Stuff!  Join Us