Grab another gear and go! That’s something I used to say when I was spending my weekends at the drag strip, and talking about making things happen. When given the option to hit the brakes or go, I like the idea of going and going all out. This year at MIXXER we are going all out! We’re going all out to add more ways for you to Make Stuff and Learn Stuff.

We have been working to get The Garment District (the sewing space) up and running, and now we have lots of people trained and ready to get to making all sorts of cool things. We’ll be happy to pair you up with someone if you want to get started on a sewing or fashion project at MIXXER.

The welding shop is now ready to support workshops with multiple people welding simultaneously. Women led the way for the Metal Shop Makeover which added 3 new welders, and more space, and lots more safety gear. Last November we asked women what it would take to create a space for them to weld. We listened, and now we are ready to get started. Guys, you’re welcome too, but we’ll do some women only workshops as well. We’ll be contacting folks that already expressed interest first, but you can contact us to get on the list.

Scholarships! I almost forgot the scholarships! ASQ – The American Society for Quality local chapter has created a fund to provide selected middle and high-school students with 6 months memberships to MIXXER and specialized training to teach them about things like Six-Sigma, Lean methods, 5S and more. The application period ends on February 28, so send a link to a student you think would benefit from a scholarship now.

OMG – So much stuff happening this month! There’s also the Beers-N-Gears Bike Rack Design Contest this month. Submissions will be accepted until midnight on March 24th; winner announced on April 1, and our first community build day will be Saturday, April 6. Installation of the new bike rack is set for Saturday, May 4th, when Beers-N-Gears will be holding a bike fair at MIXXER.

One more thing – With so much growth and change in the works, we want to check in with you to see how you think we’re doing, how MIXXER may have impacted you, and things you would like to see added. We have a survey that we hope you will take a few moments to complete. It’s 8 easy questions. Your answers will help us with grant proposals we have in the works that will help us make some major improvements to MIXXER in the coming year.

There’s actually more things I want to tell you, but I know you have lots of more important things to do today. Just keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already. We’ll keep you posted on all the awesome things happening at MIXXER.