We’re getting ready for warmer weather and the ability to dress in one layer of clothing for the entire day. At MIXXER, we’re getting ready for a lot of exciting activities for Spring and Summer.

The activities I can talk about freely: The Beers-N-Gears Bike Rack Build, Women’s Welding Wednesday on the first and third Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm, CONNEXXPO – Summer Jam, and MIXXER will have a booth at Southern Charm at the Farm this year.

There are more activities in the works that we hope to be publicizing soon. We’re working on a craft fair, a block party, a community garden, screen printing workshops, more welding workshops, paper making workshops, print block making classes, and lots more.

We know you’ll want to fit in some time at the beach, the lake, hiking, biking, and all that fun stuff. Get out there and enjoy. We’ll be here to help you Make Stuff and Learn Stuff when you get back.