I hope you know how it feels to have people you can depend on. Those people that you call when you have good news or when you need someone to talk to. Are you that person for someone? Can you ever have too many of those people?

It took four years to open MIXXER. For much of that time you may have only saw some Facebook posts, emails about gatherings to meet makers and talk about building MIXXER. What made us successful was many people doing their small part to move the needle, to connect with people that could get us closer to raising money, locating resources, painting, fixing, organizing. Millions of little things necessary to become successful. Who does that kind of stuff, often for nothing more than a thank you?

We’ve got so many things in the works for this year at MIXXER. We’ll have summer camps, and students from three or more schools utilizing MIXXER for more robust programming. We’ll be adding classes and workshops in topics from welding and woodworking, to paper making and natural dyes, and techy stuff like 3D Printing and Coding. Upcoming CONNEXXPO themes will connect people around topics like CosPlay, Fashion, Robotics, 3D Design, and bring in some of the most talented makers of musical instruments in North Carolina. We have events planned that will inspire and amaze you, and many ways for you to Make Stuff and Learn Stuff.

It’s easy to pick out the things coming up that interest you and we try hard to make it easy for you to feel welcome here. When I see that list of upcoming events and programming, I see the fruits of the labors of tens of thousands of volunteer hours, lively conversations about “what if…”, and getting to know how generous the people in our community can be.

From the beginning we have worked very hard for MIXXER to be inclusive and welcoming. I hope you will come on in and Make Stuff, Learn Stuff, and have fun doing it. It’s ok if you want to pop in, do your thing, and then be off to your next adventure. However, I hope you’ll take a moment to get to know another maker while you are here, to ask for help, offer a compliment, or lend a hand to any of the many projects our community has going these days. I know you will find MIXXER to be a place in which it is easy to find friendly and helpful people, and you may find that your best friends are here.