Everyone loves nostalgia. One of the values of Facebook is the “Your Memories on Facebook” feature. A few days ago the memory that popped up on my screen was the post of photos from MIXXER’s very first community meeting at The Olio, which had just opened a few weeks before. It feels good to see the faces in those photos and remember the memories we’ve shared in the time between that day and today.

MIXXER has grown up so much since that hot summer day in 2014. We’ve made it possible for people to work together to get what they need as an individual while collectively supporting each other. This is the secret ingredient that makes it possible for this community of makers to thrive, and do things that will amaze you. In a few days we will be bringing on our third staff member and we can’t wait for you to experience MIXXER in more ways than ever.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, then you may already know about Elaine, our new Community Events Manager. Elaine brings a passion for creativity and mad-skills that will make it possible for us to launch the classes and workshops programming that folks have been asking for since we began MIXXER. We think you are going to enjoy getting to know Elaine and learning new skills from the programs we’re bringing.

Speaking of new skills, many people want to make things in metal but are intimidated by it. It often takes some expensive tools, and you’ve got to make some sparks fly for most metal projects. We’ve got solutions for that and an event that you are going to want to see. September will be the Month of Metal at MIXXER, that will crescendo on Saturday, September 28th at 7 pm with an Iron Pour. We’ve been posting videos of Iron Pours and other Metalcraft on our Facebook page for a few weeks as teasers for what’s in store for you.

MIXXER’s Month of Metal includes lots of workshops designed to make it possible for anyone to make something in metal. Workshops will include: Jewelry Making, Welding, Metal Casting in Aluminum and Cast Iron, Blacksmithing, Knifemaking, Tin Can Lanterns, Sheetmetal Letter Making, and Scratchblock Mold Carving – the things that we will be pouring molten Iron into on Saturday, September 28th at 7 pm.

Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook for more inspirational videos and to see some of the great things people are making at MIXXER. Visit our Classes page to sign up for the Metalcraft Workshop that trips your trigger. We’ll be adding classes as we get things set up. Please, be sure to make room in your schedule to be here at MIXXER on Saturday, September 28th at 7 pm for a spectacular light show when we crack the tap on a furnace full of molten iron. We excited to see you here at MIXXER, where you can Make Stuff and Learn Stuff. Come make some memories with us!