When is MIXXER open?

  • MIXXER is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday from 12 pm until 8 pm, and 12 pm to 5 pm on Sunday.

  • Members are allowed access additional hours and seven days per week*.
  • Join today for extended access**
*See member guide for policies about the availability of studios
**does not apply to starter memberships or day passes


What is MIXXER?

MIXXER is an inclusive community makerspace that makes available resources that allow people to explore their creativity and curiosity. MIXXER is for anyone that needs a safe comfortable place to make things; whether it is an electronics project, sewing, woodworking, metalworking, if you are a lone maker, hanging out with friends, or a parent/child project. MIXXER is where you can explore your creative side and meet creative people.

Where is MIXXER?

MIXXER has chosen a great location in the Industry Hill neighborhood, within walking and biking distance of the vibrant urban core of downtown Winston-Salem. Visible from this location are The Arts District, which is undergoing dramatic growth; and the Innovation Quarter, which is bringing innovators, entrepreneurs, and excitement to our community. Many new downtown apartments accompany the growth in our city, bringing an abundance of creative and innovative people within walking distance of this community workspace. Urban living does not have to exclude you from the pleasure and satisfaction of being a maker anymore. Easy access and parking make it stress-free for commuters to enjoy MIXXER as well. Plan to spend a day with friends and family enjoying making something together, and then take a short walk over to one of the many restaurants, brew pubs, wine bars, shopping, or galleries in the neighborhood.

MIXXER is located at 1375 North Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27101. The building next door to the Winston Cup Museum, across the street from the Arts Based School, and across the train tracks from Wise Man Brewing, RamKat, and Fiddlin’ Fish Brewery.


What kinds of things can I do at MIXXER?

The MIXXER Studios include spaces and equipment for working in traditional materials like wood, metal, plastics, leather, and textiles, as well as more modern tech like laser cutters, 3d printers, electronics lab, CNC machinery, and computers loaded with state of the art design software. Whatever you can think of to make using those resources is open to you. We provide the space and tools, you bring your imagination.  MIXXER connects people that want to learn new skills to those that want to teach those skills. Let us know if you are interested in teaching or taking classes at MIXXER.
The Space


Will I be able to take classes at MIXXER?

Yes! Someday. Currently we link folks with individuals that can help you figure out how to get to where you want to be. Winston-Salem has a tremendous amount of talented makers that enjoy sharing their knowledge. MIXXER incentivizes folks with skills to teach individuals.  We’ll also offer safety and basic training on all the equipment in the space. You’ll be able to learn about the tools you are interested in and get safety certified as part of your membership. 


Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is a proud supporter of Winston-SalemMIXXER, Inc. The mission of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is to drive economic growth and build a vibrant community. MIXXER is proud to be associated with Wake Forest Innovation Quarter and look forward to working together to build a richer more exciting place to live, work, and play. Read more about the Maker Movement in Winston-Salem here.