Beers-N-Gears Bike Rack Design Contest

We have a Winner!

Of the many entries for this contest we were able to pick one that looks cool, is functional, and is buildable. Thank you to all of you that submitted an entry.

The winning entry was designed by Janet Erwin of Clemmons. Thank you Janet!

We had to make some very minor adjustments to the design for it to meet code. What do you hink of the design? Want to help build it ?! We’ll have a build day on Saturday, April 6, and we’ll install the awesome new rack on Saturday, May 4th during the Beers-N-Gears Bike Fair.

More information will be posted here and on Facebook. Look us up!

Designs accepted from: 2/24/2019 until 3/24/2019.    Winning design announced: 4/1/2019.       Build launch date: 4/6/2019      Installation date: 5/4/2019

Design Parameters

Submissions closed on Sunday, March 24 at midnight.

The  bike rack must accommodate at least 6 bikes. The rack plus bikes must fit within the 13′ x 6′ area shown in the photo to the left. The rack must have provisions to securely fasten to the ground, and to the wall if applicable. The rack should be designed so as to allow parked bikes to be under the shelter shown in the photo to the left. The winning design must be cool, but not impossible to build. We reserve the right to make changes necessary to build your design. It will be built by a mix of amateurs and professional fabricators, and you if you want to join in!