Laser Cut Face Shield Design

If you are a healthcare worker and you need a face shield like the one below, we can provide up to 10 of these free of charge. email:

If your department needs more than 10, then we ask that you contact US Metal Crafters in Archdale, NC. We have passed the designs to them and they can produce them in volume.


A special Thank You to Bibi Coyne for creating these instructions in record time.

The Design Process
 – Because 3d printing face shield frames takes so long, we designed a version that could be cut using a laser cutter or a waterjet.
 – Because these need to be sanitized often, we made them from plastic. That also makes them less expensive to make.
 – Because we were doing the R&D in such a quick way, we used materials we could access quickly, so we used acrylic (Plexi-glass from Home Depot), and PET plastic from a local plastics supplier.
 – Once we had a design that appeared to work, we sent models out to local doctors and nurses that had been in communication with us from the inception so they could test them. Initial tests showed that they may be useful so we opted to make 100 for one of the teams at WFUBMC.
 – Those 100 were delivered on Friday, April 3, 2020, and we’re hoping to hear that they work well, so we can pass that information along to interested parties.
 – We are ready to pass that project off to manufacturers, such as US Metal Crafters in Archdale, NC that can produce them in high quantities. We’ve made the files for the design available on this webpage and we’ll be posting more info here asap.
 – The Mixxer community, which includes many people well-educated in fields that include computer engineering, biomedical engineering, design, fabrication, technical writing, and other professions, is working together to assist in other projects that are addressing problems related to the Novel CoronaVirus. We will be posting information about those projects when it is feasible to do so.

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