Experience to last a lifetime.

What will you put on your resume or scholarship applications?

We work with each intern to create an internship that is enjoyable, satisfies their interests, and helps them develop skills that will help them build a better future. Apply today to be a part of the most dynamic workspace in Winston-Salem. 

Develop your Entrepreneur Mindset.

Entrepreneurial mindset is about a certain way of thinking; the way in which you approach challenges and mistakes. It is about an inherent need to improve your skill set and to try and try again. That’s what makers do every day at MIXXER!

Welcome to MIXXER!

We have a safe, inclusive, and well-equipped space, with the tools necessary to enable you to invent, tinker, design, prototype, innovate, and create, limited only by your imagination.

Experience that makes your resume stand out.

Student Interns at MIXXER can learn about nonprofit organization management, communicating with a diverse community of members, and have opportunities to develop skills in subjects related to art, entrepreneurship, engineering, marketing, computer technology, communication and more.

For Credit and Not for Credit Internships available.

Applicable fields of study:

  • Nonprofit Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Arts Management

Gain valuable experience in business management and connecting with an audience.

Applicable fields of study:

  • Art/Design/Production
  • Computer Technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Fashion/Textiles

Gain valuable experience making things that improve people’s lives.

Applicable fields of study:

  • Sustainable Tech
  • Environmental Tech
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • BioTechnology

Gain valuable experience putting theory into practice. Prove your hypothesis!

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