Although Mixxer is closed, our community of makers is hard at work making PPE and PPE Accessories for our healthcare workers.

Check out some of our projects below and let us know how we can help you get through this challenging time.

Please consider a donation to Mixxer to make it possible for us to continue this work and to continue making our resources available to the community after all of this is over.

We believe that the resources and connections that Mixxer provides our community will be more important than ever once life gets back to normal, or the new normal.


3D Printed Face Mask Clips

Contact us to sign up to make, distribute, or receive face mask clips.


As of 4/16/2020:

We have a 22 person team that are 3D Printing face mask clips that keep the elastic bands from chafing the ears of people that have to wear face masks all day. Many are 3D Printing from home. Some are picking up and delivering mask clips, some are providing 3D Modeling and Tech Support for printer troubles, and some are fulfilling multiple roles.

We have delivered approximately 2000 clips to hospitals in North Carolina (and we’re still printing more!):

Winston-Salem – WFU Baptist Hospital, Brenner Children’s Hospital, and Forsyth Medical Center

Kernersville – Cone Medical Center, and Novant Medical Center

Greensboro – Cone Health

High Point – Hospice of the Piedmont

Asheboro – Hospice of Randolph

Durham – Duke University Hospital

Raleigh – Duke Raleigh Hospital

Whiteville – Columbus Regional Healthcare

as well as members sending to families and friends on front lines in states including:

Nebraska, Arkansas, Texas, Ohio and more.

A member of Mixxer and our 3D Print MeetUp group is working with the Mask Group to ensure they have good files, troubleshoot problems and create new files calibrated for individual printers, make prototypes and files for bias tape makers while another member helped 3D print a template to cut forms from cloth for special fabric masks.

Folks have been donated and trading materials to each other to help.

Elaine, the Project Manager keeping everyone rowing in the same direction says:

“Logistically, it’s been nuts, but amazing. Feedback has been outstanding from medical staff who have received from us, and our makers feel good to be making a difference.”

Contact us to sign up to make, distribute, or receive face mask clips.



Micro-Sauna Prototype

One of our members is also a doctor. Our members worked together to prototype a micro-sauna that could lead to a possible treatment for the Novel Corona Virus.

See the design. Read the story.

Open Source Laser Cut Face Shield Design

We designed a face shield that can be produced quickly and in high volumes by people with access to a laser cutter or waterjet.

See the design. Read the story.

Positive Pressure Mask

One of our members, Matias, wondered if filtered air could be forced into a mask in a way that would prevent breathing air that leaked in around the edges of a facemask. He landed on the idea of a device that is more commonly known as a positive pressure mask or PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator). Of course, these already exist, but if a person wanted to buy one of these during a pandemic it would be expensive, nearly impossible, or both. With a concept in mind Matias searched the internet until he found something that looked like it would work. A snorkel mask could be adapted, but now the problem was a lack of design skills. No problem, other members of the Mixxer community are always happy to dive into an interesting project.

Dakota has mad skills for 3d modeling and a design background. Matias and Dakota held a brainstorming session over Google Hangouts until they felt they had a good grasp of what it would take to make this idea work. Matias researched and sourced the materials, while Dakota created 3D models of all of the components. A little 3D printing, a strategically wielded x-acto knife, and a little elbow grease then brought the first prototype to life.

Cell phone recharging battery packs provide a ton of energy and just needed a step-up converter to drive a large dc blower fan for hours. A simple box to house the electronics was 3d printed, as was the housing to hold all of the components in place. A HEPA filter was sourced to filter the incoming air and all of the components to filter and force the air into the snorkel are fitted into a backpack. A hose carries forced air into the snorkel mask, and leaks are not a problem as any air passing through those gaps is being forced out. Dakota reports that it more comfortable to wear than you might think, and the air movement helps keep him cool, which will come in handy as warmer weather is upon us.

More updates as they develop.

3D Printed Face Shields

Some of our members are 3D Printing specialty face shields. We have two designs we are making.

Assisting Wake Forest Innovations

Doctors and Engineering students at Wake Forest Innovations are prototyping specialty PPE in anticipation of a shortage. Mixxer is supporting their work by laser cutting parts for their prototypes.

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