Winston-Salem’s very first Iron Pour as part of MIXXER’s

Month of Metal

An entire month of classes devoted to metalcraft. Learn to make things in steel, aluminum, iron, and copper. We’re offering classes for beginners and for serious artisans and crafters. Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, September 28 at 7 pm for the finale of MIXXER’s Month of Metal, a spectacular light show when we tap the furnace and the iron starts pouring.

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Here are some links to some short videos to better demonstrate some of the things you can make at The Month of Metal.

Make Art in

Cast Iron

Aluminum Casting

Metal Love Letters


Tin Can Lanterns

Welding Workshops

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Make Stuff Learn Stuff

We’ll be adding workshops, more subjects and more sessions as fast as we can.

Make Stuff Learn Stuff

Our neighbors at Wise Man Brewing are hosting a carving session! Have a cold one while making your very own piece of cast iron art.

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Featured Artist

Drew Gerstmeyer



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5-year Anniversary

Please, be sure to make room in your schedule to be here at MIXXER on Saturday, September 28th at 7 pm for a spectacular light show when we crack the tap on a furnace full of molten iron. We excited to see you here at MIXXER, where you can Make Stuff and Learn Stuff. Come make some memories with us!

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