Prototype Membership

MIXXER and Flywheel Together!

*Join Mixxer at any other level and get a $25 membership at Flywheel Coworking.

  • If you are a Flywheel Member, you qualify for a $25 Prototype Membership at Mixxer, with up to 5 visits per month at MIXXER.
  • Requires membership at Flywheel CoWorking

*Click here to join Mixxer with all member benefits and you’ll be eligible to join Flywheel for $25 per month!

Coworking and Makerspaces both provide shared resources, lower cost, and relationships with peers from whom you can learn.  For a coworker with a big idea or a need to release creativity, MIXXER offers access to a wide variety of tools for rapid prototyping and a community of knowledgeable makers. For a hobbyist or inventor hoping to take their product to market, Flywheel offers classes, events, and connections to make it happen.

If you are a Flywheel Indeavor Club Member (or full time member)at Flywheel, you can get a $25 Prototype membership that gives you 5 visits/month, plus 10% off all classes and workshops at MIXXER. Similarly, Flywheel is offering an Indeavor Club membership to any MIXXER member for $25. That’s membership at Flywheel and MIXXER for only $75 per month!