Career choice should be an informed decision

Mixxer is building a STEAM Education program to fill gaps that some students fall through.

Make Stuff 

Learn Stuff

Go Beyond The Test


Our STEAM Education programs allow students to earn Digital Credentials that help them stand out during their college admission process, whether that’s to a technical college or a four-year university. Beyond the boundaries of each program, students may continue their exploration at Mixxer with year-round access to tech, tools, and a knowledgable community of makers.

Open Badges

Digital Credentials

12,000 organizations in 100 countries issue Open Badges, the leading global standard, using Badgr. Badgr digital badges are trusted by some of the largest companies in the world like Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Cisco. Open Badges are verifiable, portable digital badges with embedded metadata about skills and achievements. Students can keep them in their Badgr Backpack or on LinkedIn.

We’re Recruiting

If you are an educator with experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and/or Math, we want to meet you. In 2020, Mixxer will offer 4 STEAM Education programs to youth enrolled in grades 6 thru 12. This is our first step in a 3-year plan to create a year-round educational experience for students in grades 6 thru 12. Mixxer offers something that public schools cannot, year-round access to tools, tech, and a knowledgable community of makers. Our STEAM Education programs are intended to introduce students to tools, and tech that they can utilize for more advanced learning beyond the classroom. We can grow this program by 200% per year with your help.

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