Mixxer is committed to making Tech, Tools, and Community accessible to everyone that needs them.

In an effort to be more accessible to everyone, we are partnering with Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, Positive Wellness Alliance, and Habitat Forsyth. to offer opportunities to the communities they serve.

Participants in the program will have an opportunity to make something special with one-on-one assistance from one of our mentors.

This is an opportunity for participants to experience having access to Tech, Tools, and Community at Mixxer; and a chance for Mixxer to build relationships that will help our organization learn ways to eliminate barriers that keep some people from accessing Mixxer. 


If your organization would like to become a community partner, or if you wish to become a mentor, please contact us: info@wsmixxer.org

We’ve selected some fun projects that you can make with a little help from a mentor so that you can have a successful first time making something new.

One of our mentors will be there to help you Make Stuff and Learn Stuff at Mixxer.

You can learn woodworking, 3D Printing, Metalworking, Sewing, and more!


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Do you have so much knowledge in your head that you need a way to let some of it out? The Mixxer Community would love to learn from you!

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