Volunteer Opportunities

Many people in our community have volunteered time and talent to bring MIXXER to life. There is still plenty of opportunities for you to play a role in creating your community makerspace. Opportunities:

  • Assist to install hardwood flooring at main entrance
  • Assist in designing and building a donor wall at main entrance
  • Assist to fabricate signs to liven up the studios
  • Assist in custom building storage cabinets
  • Assist in painting and making the place look great!
  • Represent MIXXER at the Burlington Maker Faire on April 28
  • Assist in setting up and hosting Grand Opening Party on June 23
  • There are plenty more opportunities for you to help build MIXXER.

Email us at volunteer@wsmixxer.org to get involved. Please tell us what tasks you would like to be a part of.

Thank You!

Volunteer Gallery

Matias Silva

Director of Web Technologies

Matias is helping us build a great website and manage the web-based technologies we use in operation of our organization. Matias is an IT professional and business analyst for the Town of Kernersville.

Board of Directors

Mark Shill

Board Chair

Mark is leading our board through the launch of MIXXER. Mark is an entrepreneur and owner of Intelligent Business Solutions, a software development company serving the healthcare industry.

Joshua Moe


Joshua brings years of start-up experience that our board leverages to make informed decisions. Joshua is a serial entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Odigia, a NextGen learning company.

Casey Crowley


Casey brings strategic thinking and business expertise to our board of directors. Casey has an MBA and J.D. from Wake Forest University. He is also a tinkerer and design thinker.

Malay Shah


Malay is a seasoned investor with specific expertise in early-stage businesses and real estate. He has raised and managed private equity funds investing in startup companies, residential and commercial real estate.

Michael Suggs


Michael L. Suggs, President of the Goler Community Development Corporation, is leading the $100 million effort to restore the area through construction and renovation of an industrial area into a mixed-use and multicultural community.

Sharon Creasy


Sharon, Principal of Whitaker Elementary, brings expertise and connections to the MIXXER from a career in education, entrepreneurship, and supply chain management.

Alan Shelton

Executive Director

Alan can be found at MIXXER almost every day working with volunteers to make MIXXER look and function better, and helping members use MIXXER more effectively.