We’re Hiring

Applications accepted until July 7, 2019

The Winston-Salem Foundation has awarded MIXXER a grant that will make it possible for us to hire a Community Events Manager. This person will be primarily responsible for managing classes and workshops at MIXXER and keeping records that will help us measure our impact in the community.

We are searching for a highly organized Community Events Manager to expand our ability to attract and retain members through workshops, member engagement, and community events. We are searching for the right candidate who can oversee three important duties: program management, internal operations, and data tracking and reporting.

Duties include:

Organize and manage strategic plans to implement classes and workshops at MIXXER, including communicating with potential instructors, managing expectations between instructor and MIXXER, managing data and logistics required to list, advertise, and hold classes and workshops, bookkeeping of funds in and out for classes and workshops.

Assist in the development and implementation of strategic plans to build, encourage, and moderate partnerships with schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and corporations.

Foster a collaborative, open, and innovative culture at Mixxer.

Support the Mixxer team to facilitate other organizational programming and projects through the makerspace as needed. Design, test, and iterate incentive programs to maintain and grow community participation and engagement. Manage and respond to inquiries by community members. Inquiries could come in by social media, email, or during outreach opportunities at meetings.

Member Management: Maintain an accurate member database used to track the impact of MIXXER’s mission to create an inclusive environment. Communicate with members to better understand  the needs of our community. Assist in the development of strategies to bridge to underserved communities.

Internal Operations: Organization of data compiled through internal applications used for maintaining member database, accounting, email contact lists, and programming organization and metrics tracking. Administration of paid workshops, including scouting and onboarding teachers, developing marketing materials, and accepting payment for class.

Data Tracking and Reporting:

Design and maintain database used for measuring impact and effectiveness of educational programming. Under guidance of the Executive Director, develop yearly public report to include membership statistics, funding sources and financial health, community impact, and a vision for the future.

Ideal Skills, Experience, and Education:

Demonstrated ability for maintaining a professional comportment while interacting with members, staff, students, and visitors. Excellent organizational skills. Demonstrated expertise using a wide array of computer software including Word, Excel, accounting software, G-Suite applications, mass-email applications, project management software, and the ability to transfer data across platforms and adapt to changing technology.

Experience establishing metrics, gathering data, and reporting and recommending changes to improve engagement and participation in a program.

Excellent communication and creative writing skills. Keen attention to detail.

Personable, a self-described or trained maker, crafter, or builder – preferred but not required.

Full-Time Position, flexible hours, 40-hour work week with time off for holidays and vacation days. Casual and enlightening work environment.


Please send a cover letter and resume to info@wsmixxer.org with “Community Events Manager Application – Your Last Name” in the Subject Line of the email