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1/24/2022 until 2/28/2022


Mixxer Community Makerspace is seeking a Maker Experiences Manager.


Send inquiries and/or resume to info@wsmixxer.org

Maker Experiences Manager

Mixxer is Winston-Salem’s Community Makerspace. Our mission is to provide equitable access to Tech, Tools, and Community. One of the ways we do that is through Maker Experiences, classes where people can be taught by an instructor to make something specific to take home.

We are searching for a highly organized Maker Experiences Manager to expand our ability to earn revenue, by attracting and retaining members through workshops, and community events. We are searching for the right candidate who can oversee three important duties: logistics to offer Maker Experiences to the public, keeping accurate records for them, and data tracking and reporting the revenues and effectiveness of them.

Maker Experience offerings are diverse. See webpage: Winston-Salem MIXXER, Inc. – Workshops (wildapricot.org). The Maker Experiences Manager must coordinate instructors, class descriptions, date/time, space, and resources required to create a successful experience for participants. The Maker Experience Manager will also manage coordination for Holiday Maker Market to create a small retail store to raise funds during the months of November and December.

Duties include:

Organize and manage strategic plans to implement classes and workshops at Mixxer, including communicating with potential instructors, managing expectations between instructors and Mixxer, managing data and logistics required to list, advertise, and hold classes and workshops, bookkeeping of funds in and out for classes and workshops, and collecting and utilizing data to track performance metrics. 

Internal Operations: Organization of data used for coordinating classes and events, accounting, email contact lists, and programming organization and metrics tracking. Administration of paid workshops, including scouting and onboarding teachers, developing some marketing materials and accepting payment for classes.

Data Tracking and Reporting:

A combination of Google Forms and linked spreadsheets, events management software are used to collect data. That data is used to coordinate instructor and class information including costs, tracking payments, tracking participants and related data. This data is used for accounting, listing classes, paying instructors, and measuring performance metrics.

Ideal Skills, Experience, and Education:

Demonstrated ability to interact with people of different communities, for interacting with members, staff, students, and visitors. Excellent organizational skills. Demonstrated expertise using a wide array of computer software including Word, Excel, accounting software, G-Suite applications, mass-email applications, project management software, and the ability to transfer data across platforms and adapt to changing technology. 

Experience establishing metrics, gathering data, and reporting and recommending changes to improve engagement and participation in a program.

Experience with sales processes is a plus, as the ideal candidate will feel comfortable interacting closely with potential participants and encouraging them to sign up for Maker Experiences.

Excellent communication and creative writing skills. Keen attention to detail.

Personable, a self-described or trained maker, crafter, or builder – preferred but not required.

Description of Benefits

Work schedule: Full-time, 40 hours per week. Work schedule has flexibility for some work from home but will require hours at Mixxer to assure that instructors and participants have resources needed for a successful class, and ensure safety measures are active.

7 Standard Holidays + 2 Floating Days

PTO accrues after a 90 day probationary period.

Membership to Mixxer Community Makerspace

Compensation: $30k per year

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to info@wsmixxer.org with “Community Manager Application – Your Last Name” in the Subject Line of the email.

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